We Assist enterprises to
grow transform innovate compete succeed

through the adoption of Microsoft Teams.

We Assist

enterprises to
grow transform innovate compete succeed

through the adoption of
Microsoft Teams.

Bringing you a chat-based workplace

Microsoft Teams brings chat, people and tools together, all in one hub, wherever you are.

Microsoft Teams
A hub for teamwork

Give your team access to the information they need, right in Office 365. Chat, content and tools are all in the team workspace. SharePoint, OneNote and Skype for Business are built in and you can open Office and other documents right in the app.

Microsoft Teams Chat
Chat for today's teams

Communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know. Chat in teams, privately one-on-one or in groups. Audio and video calls are just a click away and notifications and chat history ensure everyone is kept up to date. Access Microsoft Teams on any device with confidence knowing it's been built with enterprise-level security from Office 365.

Microsoft Teams Mobile
Customize for each team

Tailor your workspace to include content and capabilities your team needs every day. Tabs and Connectors provide quick access to frequently used documents, websites and 3rd party apps such as Trello, GitHub and Asana.

Introducing Microsoft Teams in 2 minutes

Let Us Assist your Busy Bees

Today’s teams are Busy Bees with tight timescales, limited resources and sprawling communication platforms, our approach is identify the business use case for change and then assist by building the solutions while enabling the users to engage with the team in a more productive way of working. So, let us Assist your Busy Bees to Build, Enable and Engage with Microsoft Teams today.

Our key focus at CloudAssist is to establish the business value for your Busy Bees using proven methodologies (FastTrack, ADKAR, Lean, SCRUM and many more) to assist with the important change to Microsoft Teams while designing the solution to enhance the user experience and the overall team’s productivity to align to your business priorities.

Get instant access to the people, content, and tools that drive today’s diverse teams

• Use one central hub to meet, work, share, and chat.
• Organize team conversations with channels, which let you group discussions by topic, discipline, project - or just for fun.
• Share screens and collaborate on content from within Microsoft Teams.
• Get rich scheduling features, with built-in access to team member email
and free/ busy calendar availability.
• Integrate with other Office apps, including Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Excel, Skype for Business, and Outlook.
• Search across people, files, and chat threads.

white laptop

Why you should adopt
Microsoft Teams

Collaboration hacks from real-life teams

More than one-third of employees who work on teams reporting to different managers on a daily basis strongly agree that being on different teams helps them collaborate more effectively with coworkers.

Improving frontline worker performance

Employees who work on teams reporting to different managers on a daily basis experience a 22% lift in engagement over employees who do not work on different teams.

Innovation is a
team sport

Employees who work on teams reporting to different managers on a daily basis are 40% more likely to strongly agree that their coworkers are committed to quality.


A Day In The Life Of...

We work with a wide range of industries, ranging from finance, constructions to the healthcare industry. Below we have included some of our case studies in partnership with Microsoft.

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Day in the life – Construction

Meet Sofia, a superintendent with Contoso Construction Company who usually works at multiple sites and uses Teams to keep her...

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Day in the life – Finance

Meet Adira, a Senior Product Manager at Contoso Bank who uses Microsoft Teams to help her organization develop new financial...

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Day in the life – Healthcare

Meet Dr. Thomas, an Oncologist at Contoso Health who uses Microsoft Teams to closely collaborate with his medical team to...

blank image

Day in the life – Marketing

Meet Pam, a marketing professional who uses Microsoft Teams to collaborate, create, and be more productive all day long.

blank image

Day in the life – Retail

Meet Alex, a store manager with Contoso Groceries. He uses Teams to help recruit and train staff, better collaborate with...