Klaxoon (Teams Collaboration)

Klaxoon (Teams Collaboration)

CloudAssist is positioned to provide your organisation with premium support from Microsoft throughout your project lifecycle.

Klaxoon is the full suite of collaborative tools, for efficient teamwork, anywhere — Meetings, project reviews, training sessions.

Klaxoon offers a unique collaborative environment designed to foster team engagement by making information-sharing easy.

Klaxoon’s goal is to enable teams to collaborate more seamlessly by offering them tools that are easy-to-use and that foster a more inclusive and participative approach to teamwork.

*CloudAssist is offering fully Microsoft-funded workshops with FastTrack-ready support.

Higher engagement, higher impact.

On-site or remotely, for a few hours or over the course of a few weeks, put into place dynamic workshop sessions where everybody participates and contributes new ideas and out-of-the-box solutions: get everybody doing a lot more in drastically less time.

A full suite of collaborative tools

Whiteboard, integrated video conferencing, surveys, quizzes, automatic reports, interactive presentations with consolidated feedback, etc. With Klaxoon, you can easily run effective workshops to move your projects forward, no matter where you are.

Seamless integration with Teams & Jira

Have a project to launch? — A process to streamline? — New ideas to map out?

Klaxoon is a Microsoft Teams-integrated visual collaboration tool that helps organisations run efficient workshops.

Choose from 100’s of templates to start brainstorming design thinking, project management, organization, and much more!

With Klaxoon’s Suite (Board, Question, Adventure, etc.), teams stay connected more naturally and improve their ability to sync actions and move forward, even when working remotely.

Klaxoon is the winner of 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year in the “Apps and Solutions for Microsoft Teams” category.

CloudAssist can assist you and your company to improve your collaboration and increase productivity by utilising Klaxoon and their full suite of activities.

CloudAssist is a Solution Provider for Klaxoon an innovative suite of collaborative applications that facilitates smarter teamwork.

Collaborative Apps Workshop with CloudAssist

Automate business processes, reduce repetition, and enhance productivity

Check your enterprise's eligibility for this Microsoft-funded workshop:

Complete the short survey below on your interest in the Collaborative Apps workshop, and we will assess your enterprise’s eligibility.

Please note that a minimum of 250 Microsoft-licensed end-user accounts is a basic requirement for Microsoft-funded eligibility.

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