Microsoft 365 Teamwork Assessment

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Teamwork assessment.

The Microsoft 365 Teamwork Assessment gives you an actionable teamwork roadmap by aligning your business opportunities and challenges with your IT maturity. You gain a holistic view of your future state by reviewing capabilities across security, teamwork, meetings, and change management.

Today, business runs on teamwork.

Today, business is based on successful teamwork. Employees work on twice as many teams and spend 50% more time collaborating with co-workers, outside contractors, suppliers and customers. So, you need a robust collaboration and communication tools that empower your workforce to be more agile, efficient, and secure.

Planning your teamwork transformation.

The Microsoft 365 Teamwork Assessment will evaluate your existing collaboration and communication tools, create a hands-on demo that shows how Microsoft 365 can solve one of your specific teamwork challenges, and provide an actionable roadmap you can use to ensure your employees and suppliers can collaborate effectively and share information securely no matter where they work.

Efficiency. Agility, Security.

Research reveals that businesses that invest in collaboration and teamwork solutions are 5X more likely to be high performing. Efficiency increases as teams share files and collaborate on documents in real time. Teams have greater flexibility to come together to meet new challenges. And security is enhanced as collaboration moves to a unified platform for teamwork.

The Microsoft 365 Teamwork Assessment.

Get an in-depth evaluation of your existing collaboration tools, priorities and IT readiness. Receive a hands-on demo that solves one of your specific teamwork scenarios. Get an actionable roadmap you can follow to ensure your employees have the tools they need for better teamwork

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